Virtually Speaking airs twice weekly, originating in Second Life, simulcast over BlogTalkRadio, with podcasts archived at the iTunes store.  On Thursdays at 9pm Eastern time, Jay Ackroyd hosts a discussion with an author, journalist, pundit, scholar or other person of interest, usually from a Liberal perspective.  On Sundays at 8pm Eastern, we present Virtually Speaking Sundays, a rotating group of panelists who discuss developments of the week, in contrast to the Sunday morning bobbleheads.

Links to the Sunday Panelists are listed in the sidebar. If you are part of the liberal blogosphere, we think you will recognize most of the names.

Links to past guests are also in the sidebar. We have had some great programs over our three years of presenting these programs.  You can find them archived at the iTunes store.


One Response to About

  1. Can you contact me about an upcoming program with Richard Kirsch — http://www.blogtalkradio.com/virtuallyspeaking/2012/02/17/richard-kirsch-virtually-speaking-with-jay-ackroyd. I work with Richard, he has some questions about this. Sorry that I cannot find another way to contact you. Thank you.

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