Muslim Killings Continue

Nigeria is an extraordinary place.  With over 150 million people, it is the most populous member of OPEC.  The country includes an incredible diversity of ethnic groups, with three–Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba–making up the majority of the population.  A religious country, the population is divided approximately evenly between Islam and Christianity.  The Muslims include traditionalists, as well as a Mahdist influence, while the Christians include a wide variety of sects, from Roman Catholic to Pentacostal. The Anglican primate claims to have ten times the US Episcopalian population of two million people.

It’s also a country with an extraordinary history of violent conflict.  As Libyan atrocities mount, the violence in Nigeria continues.

Ralph Bunche Senior Fellow for Africa Policy Studies John Campbell, former US Ambassador to Nigeria will discuss his book, Dancing on the Brink when he joins us at Virtually Speaking.

You can find more background material at his CFR blog.


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