Juan Cole is stopping by Virtually Speaking Susie on Monday. (Timely, right?)

The video above is an excerpt from last June, when we mostly talked about the people who aren’t talked about much–the ordinary Shia, Iraqi Arab, Iraqi Kurd citizens who have been caught up in this maelstrom.

But I have long believed that the US planned an extended occupation of Iraq, and were in a very difficult power vacuum situation in Afghanistan.  The former belief was based on reporting, going back to 2003 of the construction of permanent bases, and of comments by Cheney and Rumsfeld about a permanent force of around 50,000 troops, as well as severe weaknesses in the Iraq defense capability. It seemed to me that with no air force, shoddy logistics, a weak chain of command, and no armor that the Iraqis would need substantial support going forward, support that the US would be loath to turn over to their authority.

Here Juan argues persuasively that I am both misinformed (they have armor), and wrong (the Iraqi populace won’t tolerate occupation).

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