Virtually Speaking, Liberally: What We Believe January 22, 2011

One of the motivations for the “We Believe” project is the sentiment expressed here by Fishgrease. Many liberals live in so-called Red States, places where they do not feel their voices are heard, or are even welcome.

But I look at this map (and the numbers on the linked Gallup page), and I can see this might be a problem in Mississippi, Idaho, Fishgrease’s Wyoming, and Utah, this sense of being restricted in willingness to self-identify in public as a liberal appears to be much more widespread.  I’ve spent a lot of time in Kansas, and I can attest this is not some kind of paranoid illusion.

At the same time, there are plenty of people who are not rabidly to the right, so the question of how this sense of hostility is maintained is an interesting question.  Of course, understanding is the first step to overcoming these barriers.

We will be talking to liberals who live in Red States, about attitudes and communication styles.

That’s the framework for this week’s discussion. Saturday, 5pm EST. Call in if you have comments.

646 200 3440.

Or post comments here.

In the meatime, consider these two diaries:


Fishgrease: Booming the Red State Blues

Gay in Maine: Speaking Rurally

The rural issue is both distinct and part of the Red/Blue state divide. Southern Maine is like Maine as a whole in being largely independent (two independent governors in my lifetime) and moderate. But the southern congressional district includes Portland and some of the larger mill towns, and leans left, while the northern district is much more rural, and leans right.



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