January 8, 2010 What We Believe

We are doing something new tonight, starting a new program called Virtually Speaking, Liberally. We’ll do a ‘cast today and next Saturday at 5pm Eastern, with Stuart Zechman and Jay Ackroyd hosting. The idea for the program comes from Daily Kos diarist Fishgrease, who was looking for progressive material for his local radio project. He thought it would be nice to have short audio clips from liberals that would serve to reach out to Red State progressives who feel isolated and alone.

We’ve taken this idea, and run with it. We’ve started compiling statements of principle and belief from liberals and progressives, designed to be distributed by the channels we have available–blogs, mp3 collections, and, yes, local radio. Today, Saturday the 8th, and next Saturday, we will present our initial collection, and invite our listeners to participate, either by calling in, or by submitting mp3s to our email address believe@virtually-speaking.com. Featured submissions today include Cliff Schecter, Digby and Avedon Carol.

Stop by today for more details.

One Response to January 8, 2010 What We Believe

  1. Tracey says:

    A simple statement of belief: We are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! We each have an interest to make sure that the common good is served, since it is, in turn, in our own best interest.

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