Zerlina Maxwell, January 6, 2009

Zerlina is currently attending law school at Rutgers University, interrupted by a brief hiatus in 2008 to work as a field organizer managing Barack Obama’s “Campaign for Change” office in the battleground state of Virginia. A liberal-progressive, Zerlina’s most famous line for recruiting Obama supporters included “Please come and volunteer so that we can ensure that Sarah Palin is not in charge of the nuclear launch codes.”

The Campaign for Change awoke the activist in her and she became active in the New Leaders Council, a fellowship program for progressive entrepreneurs, and began her profession as a political commentator. Zerlina has also spoken on topics as varied as domestic violence, racial and gender discrimination. A native New Yorker, Zerlina Maxwell is currently the associate blog editor for This Week in Blackness. Her writing has appeared in Salon.com, TheRoot.com, TheLoop21 and The Huffington Post.\

Zerlina is also very active on Twitter, using the account name @ZerlinaM. She has nearly 3700 followers, and is, of course, included on the Virtually Speaking List.

We’ll be talking tonight about yesterday’s Loop21 post objecting to Kanye West’s misogynist Monster video, and about associated issues of violence directed at women.

Then we will discuss the Obama campaign, her Obama story, and his evolution from grass roots campaigner to President.

Please post any questions, or comments, here. I will review them before the show begins tonight at 9pm Eastern.

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