Susie Madrak Saves the Day

So, as it turned out last night, Olivier got caught up the endless eddy the Senate has become, in a cellphone-free zone, as the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body once again punts a vote on the Bush tax extensions.

Fortunately, Susie Madrak stepped up to join us Thursday evening.

One of Susie’s riffs was that the Village–media, elected officials, staff–are all deeply out of touch with regular people. They are often in the second or third generation of a privileged existence in Washington, going to same schools together, taking the same parentally subsidized jobs when they graduate, and then making their ways into more senior positions.  They have no emotional, visceral identification with people who have lost a job, or who are about to be foreclosed upon. Such people are just not part of their world, and because of this lack of empathy, they really do not see the damage done by changing bankruptcy law, or letting unemployment benefits run out, or, even, delivering the Social Security program that the last review promised.

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