Olivier Knox December 2 2010

Topics for tonight with Olivier:

1) Organizing the Republican caucus

The dynamics of the GOP controlled House, with an influx of, perhaps, freshmen of a different ideological bent than the incumbents will create interesting tensions, as will the demands of being in the majority.

In the Senate, Rand Paul’s and Mike Lee’s primary victory in Utah will have the 2012 class of Republican Senators deeply concerned for their future. How will this play out in that august body, especially given that the promises made to the GOP rank and file are simply not attainable.

Demands of the majority

1a. Tax cut extensions

Breaking at 8:10 pm. Olivier may be delayed by a Senate vote. Jay Newton-Small at Swampland summarizes the Village’s view of the issue.

Atrios points out the obvious.  If GOP won’t pass just the under 250K tax cuts, then let them all expire and start the new year with the Obama tax cuts on the table.

2)  Wikileaks

What does Wikileaks  mean to a wire service reporter? To a traditional journalist?

One of Assange’s goals is to disrupt what he calls the permanent, invisible government.  Does this exist? Can it be disrupted in this way?

“Robert Cringely”

Jay Rosen Video


Swarm intelligence


Susie Madrak notes Noam Chomsky also gets this.

Please post suggested questions, links that might enhance our discussion before the program starts at the usual 9pm Eastern.


2 Responses to Olivier Knox December 2 2010

  1. […] WikiLeaks for last because we could easily fill the hour with just that discussion. I have posted other background links earlier.  The zunguzungu post is particularly interesting. And you should check out the transcript […]

  2. […] on Wikileaks, because the implications keep growing, multiplying and spawning.  Here I refer you an earlier post, and to this interesting NYTimes editorial, also pointed out to me by Allison’s tweet stream, […]

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